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With 16 years in practice as a Registered Massage Therapist coupled with 12 years in practice with Reiki, I continually grow & evolve as a therapist.  I am truly inspired by this work… my calling... as it comes from my heart & brings a deep joy of supporting others on their journey.

The intention behind my practice is to hold a calm & peaceful space to assist in relieving stress, tension & pain in the body while inviting a state of deep relaxation and healing.  

Rather than treat the physical body by itself, I strive to embody mind~body~spirit in my treatments.  I believe that each system is connected & working with a person as a whole can facilitate a deeper level of healing. Every detail from the background music, the aromatherapy, the lighting, the cozy linens... are all intentionally woven together to create a peaceful & sacred space.

In the fast pace of our world there is a considerable amount of stress & burden that we carry in our bodies & in our hearts.  We can get lost in the doing, the thinking & the busyness, and aren’t always grounded & connected with our deepest selves.  

It's essential to take time out, to slow down, to come back into our bodies, to become present... It’s in this ‘inner stillness’ that we connect with our own higher wisdom & how we heal.

I invite you to take regular downtime for yourself, knowing that by providing yourself with self love, nurturing & care you can be a brighter light in the world. 

Your questions ~ feedback are always welcomed & I'd be happy to talk to you about any needs you might have before setting up a treatment.