A bit about me...

I feel tremendous gratitude & joy in my life, for spirit, for the journey that I have been led on & for trusting there is always a bigger plan. I have big love for my family & friends, time spent connecting with nature, camping, yoga, biking, reading, cooking healthful foods, meditation & personal growth. I've also been enjoying learning more about herbalism and completed two years of training.

My early adolescence was shaped by trauma that completely derailed me. My struggles ran deep and called me to look within, to find my way back to myself, to heal. I sought out alternative healers and practitioners to help me along the way. Massage Therapy became a treatment that I really appreciated as it helped me to connect with my body where there was so much disconnect.

These experiences led me to Massage Therapy training and continually training and growing to be in service as a healer. I have a love of learning and a deep commitment to my own path of healing.

I have always been an empath and a highly sensitive person, feeling others & my own feelings deeply as well as being highly aware of my environment. I feel that this is a gift that enables me to tune into myself & what space I am holding for my clients as well as sensing what a client needs, how to help them feel comfortable, safe & relaxed.

My intention throughout every treatment is to be present & grounded, guided by intuition & an open compassionate heart.