Massage Therapy

Graduating from Foothills College of Massage Therapy in 2003 with a 1,000 hour diploma, I am a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) through the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC). I am recognized as a 2,200 hour equivalent & therefore my massage treatments are eligible for benefits claims via extended healthcare insurance programs. Please check your individual plan for eligibility details.

Massage therapy carries a wide range of physical & emotional benefits. My focus is to provide a soothing, caring & intuitive touch along with many years of experience to:

~ relieve tension & pain in muscles

~ reduce stress & mental fatigue

~ induce deep relaxation of mind & body

~ improve circulation & energy flow

~ awaken sense of peace & well-being

You will experience my massage as slow & fluid at a light to medium depth of pressure. This approach creates trust & facilitates relaxation while effectively releasing muscle tension without the pain often associated with massage. I don't share the philosophy of “no pain, no gain”. In my experience, regular massage is an integral form of stress management, self care & nurturing, beyond just soft tissue manipulation.