What my clients have to say...

Jessica has a true gift of genuinely welcoming you to be here now; releasing all that you came from and where you will be, to ground and be nurtured in the present and simply be in healing space.

Jessica's massage is gentle and profoundly relaxing... I drift, float and dream inwards while feeling safe, attended to and professionally massaged~healed.

Reiki with Jessica is like being held and nurtured in Spirit's embrace, a state of grace.

Mardi Dauphinee

I have been seeing Jessica for massage and Reiki for the past 2 years. In my 20 plus years of having massage regularly, I have never experienced the mental and physical relaxation that I feel after a massage with her. Jessica’s Reiki transports me to such a deep state of relaxation that I forget where I am and feel a great sense of spiritual calm when the massage is over. The environment she creates for the massage is calming, peaceful and healing. Jessica is much more than a massage therapist or a Reiki master, she is a healer.

Heather M.

Jessica offers a massage experience like no other. I have had massages elsewhere and they always seemed to be either too hard and deep or too light and fluffy. Jessica combines the perfect balance of making me feel comfortable, relaxed and pampered yet managing to work out the knots and aches and pains while she is at it. I have also been privileged to benefit from her Reiki skills as well. At first I was unsure because I did not really understand it, but once I felt the incredible power of the energy work she can do, I will never doubt it again. Thank you Jessica for keeping me limber, feeling grounded and cared for. You are a true healer.

Kim Winsor

I have been going to Jessica at Inner Stillness for Reiki for 7 sessions now and am booked for my next appointment already. I give her 5 stars and would recommend her to anyone.

For my first session, she reviewed what Reiki was about, what I may see and/or feel and made sure I was comfortable before we started. I didn’t have to do anything but relax. We picked a couple essential oils for me to try and we got started.

I could feel the heat from Jessica’s hands without her touching my body (her hands may or may not physically touch you depending on what she is feeling). I have felt the positive energy come through my head and push negative energy out through my feet ~ to the point where my legs have felt heavy then very light. Over negative energy spots (I have cancer), I have felt the negativity leave to the point where my lightness feels like levitating. And, sometimes, I’m so relaxed that I sleep.

I always finish feeling energized, very relaxed and lighter, like I’m leaving the negativity behind. I enjoyed my first session so much that I immediately booked appointments to the end of the year. It’s time well spent taking care of me.

If you are looking to try Reiki for the first time or to try someone new, I highly recommend Jessica. She has a peaceful way about her and wants the connection to make it the best experience for you. I can’t wait for my next session!

Bonnie V.

Jessica is a truly gifted practitioner. Her warmth, compassion, and professional skills are in full bloom with each session. I have appreciated her intuitive approach with both her energy work, reiki and massage. She finds spots that I forgot and yet I leave feeling soooo relaxed and cared for! I believe Jessica provides a warm and grounding environment that encourages healing.

Deirdre Young

I had a beautiful reiki & massage session with Jessica yesterday and am still loving the after glow. Jessica made me feel so at home and comfortable in her lovely space. Everything I was offered from the conversation to the personal aromatherapy blend was with thoughtful intention & love. It was both my first reiki & my first massage session and I truly feel that it has opened a whole new world to me. I am so very grateful to Jessica for her healing energy and the phenomenal work that she does!

Aneke M.

Jessica is unlike any massage therapist I have gone to. She welcomes you, listens to your needs and responds with pure kindness and compassion. After a massage from Jessica I feel refreshed. There is renewed energy and movement throughout my being. I recommend Jessica and her healing touch to anyone needing a feeling of rejuvenation to get through their week!

Megan Barefoot

I have been seeing Jessica for a variety of treatments over the years. I find Jessica's treatments to be extremely relaxing and calming. She creates a very positive environment that is very client focused. She makes you feel comfortable from the start and she is very respective of her clients and their wishes. I feel so calm and relaxed when I am done!

Tara S.

Jessica's style is so thoroughly relaxing and nurturing that I often fall asleep on the table, with a big smile on my face. When I leave the session, I feel rejuvenated, rested, and at peace. Considering that my mind is usually going 200 mph, and napping is impossible for me, it says a lot that Jessica is able to consistently create such a shift!

Lisa Kathleen, Full Circle Parenting

My session with you was fantastic. I feel that a significant clearing took place around my heart area. My Reiki sessions are so comfortable and relaxing. I always look so forward to the next one! Thank you for your magic.

Kim Armstrong

I have had massage therapy with reiki and hot stone massage treatments. My massage therapy with reiki leaves me feeling relaxed mentally and physically and the reiki helps to balance my emotional well being. The hot stone massages are so physically relaxing and helps me to identify a spiritual connection to the earth. With all treatments I come away with a renewed feeling of peace and contentment.

A happy client

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